Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fw: Questions about your Airtrek



David Smith




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Thank you Love,
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David Smith <> wrote:
Hi Karen;

See >>> for the answers to your questions.

Stopping on a south pacfic island would be nice on the way there - but don't want to pay too much more for that as there are lots of beaches on our trip.

Thanks so much!

David Smith

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Hello David,

Thank you for checking out Long Haul Travel and for submitting your inquiry.
After reviewing the information you provided, I have a few questions about
your travel plans:

~ Are there any stops listed that you do not require? Are there any
additional cities you would like to consider, if the cost did not increase by
>>> Flexible on S.E. asi details
>>> Return from Europe - we can take surface to most places in Europe for return trip
~ What are your approximate dates of travel? (for each leg of your trip)
>>> We could start trip in Jan or Feb - so dates could shift
>>> Jan -> NZ
>>> Feb -> SE Asia
>>> April -> China (HKG?)
>>> June -> Back home
~ Would you be interested in a different sequence for your stops if it would
be more efficient or less expensive?
>>> In SE Asia - but planning on starting in NZ in Jan and finishing up taking train from China to Russia
~ Are you interested in traveling overland between any cities?
>>> Train from Russia to China (could also do surface from HKG to Bejin)
~ You have found an estimated amount of CAD$3950 on our tripplanner for your
selected route. Is this within your budget?
>>> Yes
~ What are the the first and last names of all the passengers who are
traveling as shown on your passports?
>>> David Andrew Smith
>>> Veronica Anne Toth
~ Are you a student, teacher, or under 26 yrs old?
>>> No, No and No (too bad)
The answers to these questions will help me to provide you with a more
accurate estimate which is suited to your individual trip and expectations.
We customize each trip, and each price estimate, to best accommodate your
desires. If we know your priorities, we can often suggest minor modifications
to the request you submitted that can significantly reduce the price or
improve the trip.

Once I'm clear on these points, I should be able to reply with an estimate
within 2 business days. Please get back to me by phone or e-mail, whichever
is more convenient for you.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you to help plan the
trip of your lifetime.

Best Regards,

|| Karen Dahdah
|| Travel Counsellor
|| Long Haul Travel /
|| 2 Toronto Street, Suite 302
|| Toronto, Ontario M5C 2B6 CANADA
|| Tel: +1-416-360-7711
|| Toll Free: 1-866-548-4548
|| Fax: +1-416-360-7796
|| RTW & Multi-Stop International Travel

"Any sender from this email address is an outside agent of Airtreks, Inc.,
not an employee of Airtreks, Inc. Any and all information given to this
sender is to be considered proprietary to Airtreks, Inc. and is not to be
shared or divulged to any party other than Airtreks, Inc."


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