Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SE Countries to visit

I was eatting lunch with Arthur today and I asked him about their trip to SE Asia - when they visited their friend Alan (I don't think you've met him yet). These are the countries they've been to:

Kuala Lumpur (Must see)
Borneo (interesting, they have head hunters)
Yogyakarta (Must see)
Bangkok (Arthur suggests spending 5 days here then go away for a while then come back for another 5 days. I asked him if they have good infrastructure. He said Yaw. I asked if they know how to drive. He said NO - I thought I was going to die!)
Singapore (was mentioned twice so I guess we should go there)


Cameron Highlands

They have two albums of photos he would like to share with us. I told him to bring them to the dinner party on the 25th. He said he didn't think that was a good idea of we were having other guests - so we will have to visit them - may bike there to see them.


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